Squirrel Removal

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Squirrels are a common pest in Edinburgh. Although they can be cute and entertaining to watch, squirrels do cause damage to property and gardens, and can carry and spread diseases. Squirrels can cause a lot of damage in an attic space and so hiring a pest control company right away is highly recommended. 

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Barricade Pest Control offer fast, effective squirrel removal as part of our pest control services in Edinburgh. We can also advise on how to squirrel proof your house to avoid any further damage.

How do we remove squirrels from your attic?

We use traps that are strategically placed in the attic along side a wildlife camera that helps monitor the squirrels activity, the frequency they visit, the numbers of squirrels entering and if any have been caught.

We will help identify ingress points (where squirrels are getting into your loft) and can place a temporary seal over the area. Usually a roofer or similar is required to repair any external damage properly. Failure to fix ingress points quickly can result in new squirrels entering. Ingress points must only be dealt with once a complete eradication has been carried out.

Can I release a grey squirrel?

No, unfortunately it’s illegal to capture a grey squirrel and release it into the wild or keep it in captivity. The grey squirrel is an invasive species in Scotland and we have strict laws and guidelines that we must follow when we deal with them.

Are squirrels pests?

Some people like urban squirrels because they find them to be cute and entertaining to watch. Squirrels are often seen as harmless and playful animals, and many people enjoy watching their acrobatic feats as they scamper about in parks and gardens. Additionally, squirrels can be seen as a symbol of nature in the city, and some people may enjoy seeing them as a reminder of the natural world in an urban environment.

However, squirrels can quickly become a pest if left to their own devices. For example if squirrels decide to make a nest within your property they can cause quite a lot of damage. This is because being rodents they are naturally inclined to gnaw through anything they can find. The damage squirrels cause to your home can end up becoming dangerous and expensive to rectify. For example, they may chew on electrical wiring, and gnaw on wooden beams, damaging the structure of your walls or roof. 

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Some examples of the issues squirrels can cause include:

  • Damage to property: Squirrels can gnaw on electrical wiring, which can cause short circuits and fires. They can also damage roofing, siding, and air ducts while trying to gain access to the inside of homes.
  • Hoarding of food: Squirrels have a tendency to hoard food in attics, walls, and other spaces. This can create unpleasant odours and attract other pests, such as insects and rodents.
  • Health risks: Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans and pets. They can also create unsanitary conditions by leaving droppings and urine in attics, walls, and other areas.

What about red squirrels?

As far as we know there are no Red Squirrels in Edinburgh. If you have squirrels on or near your property they will be the grey variety, which are classed as an invasive non-native species in the UK.

Red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) are native to Scotland and are widely distributed throughout the country, especially further north. They are considered a distinctive and important part of Scotland’s natural heritage and are protected by law. Red squirrels are smaller and less common than the more widespread grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), which was introduced to the UK from North America in the late 19th century.

Red squirrels are generally only found in areas where grey squirrels are not present or are scarce, due to the competitive advantage that grey squirrels have over red squirrels. Conservation efforts in Scotland are focused on preserving and protecting red squirrel populations and their habitats, as well as managing the impacts of grey squirrels on red squirrels and their habitats.