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brown house moth
Brown House Moth

Clothes moth
Clothes moth


Carpet and Clothes Moths can cause damage to clothing and fabrics in your home or business. They are known to eat the fibres in clothing and carpets and eat through natural materials such as wool, cotton, silk, fur and leather in order to get protein. Moths pose no health risk, but they can cause irreversible damage to your possessions so it is best to deal with an infestation right away.

To get rid of moths we can use certified fumigation and insecticide methods. These do not contain harmful chemicals which makes them suitable for protecting valuable items in your home.

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Signs of moths in your house

It’s common in Edinburgh and the Lothians to see a moth or two fluttering through your house. Here are some of the tell-tale signs to look out for if you think you might have a moth infestation:

  • Tiny irregular holes in clothing – If you see holes in one item, check your other clothes because you are sure to find other holes. Especially check wool, silk, leather and fur items because moths love to eat fibres from animals – which are high in protein.
  • Dusty clothing – Affected clothing may look dusty or discoloured
  • Musty smell – If your wardrobe or drawers have a musty smell you might have moths
  • Check wardrobes, drawers and cupboards – Moths will go wherever there is a food source
  • Threadbare patches or holes in carpets and rugs – Carpet moths prefer wool or silk carpets and rugs, and they will attack dark or undisturbed areas. They eat the soft ‘pile’ so threadbare areas might be the result of moth damage

How to get rid of moths

Tiny white moth eggs on purple fabric
Tiny white moth eggs on purple fabric

Once moths find a food source and an undisturbed place to live, they might lay eggs. Moth eggs hatch into larvae which then continue eating the fibres of your clothes or carpet. Therefore, if you spot signs of moth damage you need to take action to remove eggs and larvae before they cause more damage.

Female moths lay between 40-50 eggs so it is important to thoroughly treat the affected area even if you only find 2 or 3 eggs.

  • Wash all fabrics – clothes, towels, blankets, curtains, rugs etc from the affected area all need to be washed to remove any hidden eggs.
  • Keep clothes clean – Don’t store dirty clothes in your wardrobe. Moths prefer fabrics stained with sweat or urine because these are more nutritious for their larvae.
  • Clean affected furniture – Eggs may be buried in cracks or nooks and crannies out of sight so these must be washed
  • Clean storage boxes – Also suitcases, bags and containers which might be hiding more moth eggs or larvae
  • Moth traps – You can buy these sticky strips from a hardware shop or online.

Call the moth control professionals

The best way to be sure of the correct treatment is to give us a call today. Our expert moth control team will quickly diagnose your exact type of moth problem and offer you treatment on the spot.

We have a number of ways to get rid of moths professionally. These include targeted insecticide spray treatment – pH neutral to avoid damage to fabrics.

If you are worried that you might have a moth infestation it is best to act quickly to avoid further damage.

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