Humane Pest Control

What do you do when you need to get rid of pests but you also care about animal welfare? We give our expert opinion and advice on humane pest control.

These days people are more aware of animal welfare and there is a growing feeling that wildlife, even some so-called pests, play a valuable role in our eco-system. This can cause conflict when there is a genuine pest problem that needs to be dealt with.

Think Wildlife - Campaign for Responsible Rodenicide UseWe are Think Wildlife accredited technicians

Although we often need to use pesticides and rodenticide, we are fully trained in their use. This reduces the risk to innocent wildlife in your area. Read more about the Think Wildlife code of best practice .

What is the difference between wildlife and a Pest?

All animals and insects play a useful role in life. Generally speaking, the more variety of species of wildlife there are in an area, the healthier that local environment is. However, animals, insects and birds can become pests when there is an imbalance in that local eco-system.

For example, wasps are valuable pollinators for plants but if you have a large wasp nest in your attic, the colony will grow and you may get stung or overwhelmed with the insects.

Or another example are rodents. Mice, rats and squirrels are all around us. They are a valuable part of the natural food chain, providing a food source for larger mammals and birds of prey. However, they can cause damage to property and breed at a fast rate if not kept in check.

Prevention is the best cure for household pests

By following some simple steps you can prevent your ‘eco-system’ from getting out of balance. The main steps you can take are:

  • keep your property clean
  • remove any food sources
  • be vigilant for the early signs of pest infestation

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Unfortunately, once you have identified a pest infestation it is always best to take action to restore the natural balance and prevent one species taking over and causing a problem.

Humane mouse traps

There are a range of humane mouse traps available to buy from pet shops and DIY hardware stores. These trap mice but do not kill them. You can then dispose of the mouse or rodent somewhere away from your property (*check local regulations first – for example it is illegal to release squirrels into the wild as they can cause even more damage there!).

You can even make your own humane mouse trap for a few pence, as this video shows:

Sometimes professional pest control is the best option

When you have tried all the steps above (there is more detailed advice on our individual pest pages – check the main menu), pest control may be your best option.

Unfortunately we often have to take on the role of pest exterminator. When an infestation is causing a health or environmental risk it is best to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.

It is worth bearing in mind that an infestation is not a natural occurrence, and it is symptomatic of an imbalance. Infestations nearly always come with related health risks, and they can cause disease among surrounding ‘friendly’ wildlife populations.

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