How to get rid of mice

Mice are a common problem for home and business owners. Read our advice on how to get rid of mice. If you are in Edinburgh and the Lothians call Barricade today for professional pest control

The main points to remember if you want to get rid of mice are:

  1. Deep clean your property – clean up all mouse droppings and disinfect floors
  2. Remove all food sources including all crumbs
  3. Look out for new droppings
  4. If you see new signs of mice, use mouse traps or call pest control
  5. If there are no more mouse sightings, begin blocking holes and other entry points
Have you seen signs of mice? Here’s what to do
Mouse smear marks, caused by oil and dirt in their fur

If you have recently noticed any signs of mice in your property, here are some steps to take to establish if you have an infestation or just a mouse that has simply passed through for nothing other than a nosy!

Edinburgh is highly infested by mice. In fact anywhere people live you can be sure to find rodents as well. You may see signs of them in your property from time to time, this doesn’t always mean you have an infestation, therefore, following the steps below will help give a good indication that you need a pest controller or not.

We recommend that you never block holes right away if you have a mouse infestation. Its always best to eradicate the problem first to avoid new holes being created by mice.

5 Steps to get rid of mice

  1. Perform a deep clean throughout your property – VERY IMPORTANT

    Remove all signs of rodent activity in your property. Vacuum up droppings, disinfect floors to remove the urine trail the mice have left behind. Pay close attention to areas such as behind the kitchen plinths/under units, in kitchen cupboards, in any cupboards that have pipes or cables leading into the property and in the bathroom. If you leave droppings and urine in any area of your property it will encourage new mice to pay you a visit. Always remove these!

  2. Remove all food sources including crumbs

    Remove any reliable food source including crumbs on the floor, in the couch, under toaster, behind appliances, in cupboards. It is important to seal any food that’s easy to access in plastic containers. Mice have rodent teeth which can easily gnaw through cardboard cereal boxes etc. Leaving out any type of food will only encourage mice into your property. It’s important that you manage this correctly if you are prone to mice.

  3. Look out for new droppings, or other signs of mice

    Monitor any new mouse activity over a 1-2-week period. If you continue to have sightings of mice or new droppings appear this would suggest that mice are nesting nearby and need to be eradicated. This is when pest control can help!

  4. Mouse Traps or professional pest control

    If you notice new mice activity after following the steps above, then you may have mice nesting nearby. In this case we recommend making use of our pest control services, or using mouse traps. Avoid laying mouse traps with a human food source on top, this will only encourage more mice into your property and in most cases, the mice will be able to feed on them without setting off the trap. There are also ‘humane mouse traps‘ available. If you are in any doubt, call us for advice.

  5. Block holes and other entry points

    If you do not have any more sightings and no droppings have appeared within 1-2 weeks, this would suggest that no infestation has taken place. At this point, the best preventative measures would be to block any potential entry points leading into the property (proofing). Always ensure that no reliable food source is left to encourage the mice into your property.

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