Cockroach infestation

adult cockroach

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The most common type of Cockroach found in Edinburgh and the Lothians is the German cockroach. These flat brown insects grow to around 12-15mm in length.

These insects are usually attracted by a food source such as food scraps and pet food, so they are often found lurking in and around kitchens. Domestic kitchens, hotels, restaurants and cafes are at risk from cockroach infestation.

They will eat anything, including food waste and animal droppings (such as pet hamsters and rabbits). They even eat leather and paper.

Cockroaches are known to spread serious diseases including salmonella and dysentery. We advise that you contact professional pest control experts at the first signs of a potential infestation.

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Spot the signs of a cockroach infestation

You may have a problem with cockroaches if you have noticed any of the following signs:

  • Droppings – cockroach droppings are 2mm long, cylindrical and dark brown/black. If there is easy access to water the droppings might appear as a dark brown irregular shaped smear.
  • Unusual smell – A lingering unpleasant musty, oily or almond smell may signal an infestation.
  • Seeing a cockroach during the day – they are nocturnal so if they are feeding during the day then you might have an infestation
  • Signs of damage or nibbled food.
  • Shed skins and egg casings – cockroaches shed their skin 5-8 times as they grow into adults. They also lay several eggs inside an egg-case called an Ootheca, which is approx 6-9mm long and has ridges like a worm’s skin.

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How to prevent cockroaches

The best way to prevent a cockroach infestation is to remove any potential food sources and keep your kitchen clean.

  • Store food in the fridge and sealed plastic or metal containers – Don’t leave any food, crumbs or scraps lying on the floor or worktop
  • Clean all surfaces after cooking – Grease marks can attract cockroaches. They have even been known to feed off the grease left behind in human fingerprints!
  • Dispose of rubbish – Empty your indoor bins at least every 2-3 days


What to do if you have a cockroach problem

Unfortunately if you definitely have cockroaches you will need professional help to get rid of them. ‘Roaches are very good at hiding and they will disappear at the slightest hint of trouble. They can also survive for up to a month without any food, so you might think you’ve won the battle, only for new cockroaches to hatch out and begin the cycle again.

It’s true that there are DIY remedies available but these are often limited in their effectiveness. They often involve hazardous chemicals or traps which need to be placed in very specific areas in order to work. Most insecticides are more toxic to humans and pets than they are to cockroaches!

As a first step, we recommend giving us a call – on 0131 659 9752 – and we can give a professional diagnosis and advise you on the best cockroach control method to use.

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