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Feral pigeon
A feral pigeon

Feral birds such as pigeons can quickly become a problem if they choose to roost or nest on your property. As well as damage to your building and unwanted noise, birds also produce a lot of droppings which can be dangerous to human health.

Barricade Pest Control offer a full bird control and bird proofing service in Edinburgh. Our trained and qualified technicians will fix your problem quickly. We offer a full Guano clean up service and can install a bird deterrent such as netting or spikes.

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Pigeon Pest Control

Feral Pigeons (Columba livia domestica) are abundant in all cities around the world. Edinburgh is no exception. City Pigeons are descended from wild Rock Pigeons which originally nested on steep sea cliffs. This is why pigeons are quite at home on narrow window ledges, small crevices on the side of buildings, or living under bridges etc.

Pigeons can cause damage to your property. And just as importantly their droppings, called Guano, can cause serious health problems if it is allowed to build up under a nesting site. (Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis and E.coli are just some of the health risks posed by pigeon guano).

Pigeon pest control has 3 main stages: Clean up, Removal and Prevention.

Pigeon nest removal

As a professional pest control company, we are authorised to carry out bird nest removal. However this is only one part of the service we provide.

Clean up

Once the pigeon nest has been removed, it is important to clean up all the Guano (pigeon poo). We then properly disinfect the area using specialised equipment. It is worth noting that large amounts of guano are classed as toxic waste and must be disposed of properly.

Pigeon proofing

Finally, once the area has been cleaned and made bird-free, we can install pigeon proofing. There are a number of pigeon deterrents available, such as: bird proof netting, pigeon balcony netting, pigeon proofing spikes and bird free gel etc.

Take a look at a recent pigeon nest removal job we completed in Edinburgh:

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